S16E06 Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 6: Models Off Duty

I’m so excited about this episode that I’m going to blog as I’m watching it. I like this episode because you get to hear the opinions of the outfits from three angles – the judges, the designers and the clients aka the models.

Oops I wasn’t able to grab the photos off mylifetime.com yesterday night, so here’s the post!

Project Runway S16E06 Afterthoughts 1
Let’s start with the dark outfits. It is unfortunate that Samantha got too comfortable with her background in making lolita outfits. I agree with the judges that she did not elevate it as much as the outfit she herself was wearing. I don’t know why Amy’s look was safe though. I thought it looked as cliché as Samantha’s and Claire’s.

Shawn’s design looked the best among these with the lace and ribbon details. Love the slick navy of the fabric she chose. I thought the femininity of the outfit would resonate well with Georgina Chapman.

Project Runway S16E06 Afterthoughts 2

Batani’s outfit looks so fun I would wear the whole ensemble, including the head piece. It has such a good mix of her African culture and street wear. Kentaro’s kimono hakama inspired bottom provided a different point of view for me. It also almost looks like a kilt too. Even his top had interesting details like the back pleats reminded me of a ribbon.

Margarita’s design screams 90s and Christina Aguilera. I think Margarita tried her best to meet her client’s expectations that she didn’t step back to put in more of her own perspective because she swiftly agreed with the judges when they lashed out their harsh criticisms. Her bomber jacket looks good though. The styling of her client’s hair and shoes probably also made her outfit looks worse.

Am I the only one that didn’t like Brandon’s look this week? He doesn’t seem to stray far from his unisex designs with the same color scheme. I prefer the back of his outfit over the front.

Michael’s outfit is a Herve Ledger’s bandage dress lookalike but on the verge of being trashy because of the slashes. I don’t get the color and material of the coat that Ayana made. I don’t think it goes well with the dress. The whole outfit almost looks like sleepwear because of the “robe” and the stars on the dress. I like the white strings on the back of her dress though.

Kenya’s design looks too commercialized to me like we can pick it out from a departmental store. I was surprised that the judges were ok with it because it had a quirky, oddball feel. All in all, I don’t feel like I have a favorite again. Hope the next episode is better.

Image & Screenshot credit: Lifetime.com


My favorite pieces from Target Project 62™

Living Room w Project62

Our living room is still pretty plain even though we have moved in for close to a year. Furnishing a house is just so expensive that we would probably take quite a few years to complete everything. As you can see, our priority is comfort for our living room. My husband insisted that we get recliners, so we got a two seater recliner as well as a regular three seater because that was cheaper. Our coffee table was a steal ($30) from an estate sale. I think it’s a West Elm piece that had damaged corners. The rug was left behind from the previous house owner.

I decided to put together some of the Target Project 62™ pieces just for fun because a girl can dream right? We are missing a small end table, and I thought the Mawr Metal Accent Table would look great at the corner along with the Cohasset Table Lamp. The pink tone of the table lamp will go well with the art pieces I picked for the wall. I threw in some cushions too because we don’t have any at the moment.

Target Project 62

1. Framed Knots Decorative Wall Sculpture   2. Framed Abstract Watercolor Wall Canvas 3. You Are My Sunshine Wall Décor *This is the only piece not from Project 62™* 4. Color Block Throw Pillow 5. Solid Textured Throw Pillow 6. Mawr Metal Accent Table White Marble/Gold
7. Cohasset Table Lamp 8. Round Wire Basket Medium – Copper 9. Hello Doormat

I would also love to get the copper Round Wire Basket for my dining room since I would usually have garden harvest sprawling all over. Last but not the least, isn’t that a cute doormat! I think it will probably be the only item I would buy.. due to my lack of spare cash!

Image credit: http://www.target.com

13 Impossible to Answer “Would You Rather” Questions

Saw these questions on lifeofangela.com, and I decided to do them too since it looks fun. Haha I don’t think I will have any problem answering most of them.

Question: Pick the year you die OR Pick the way you die
I will pick the way I die! I would like to die in my sleep painlessly.

Question: Have a sport stadium named after you OR Have a university named after you
Haha I’m going to bet it is a guy who came up with these questions. Anyway I think I would go with the sports stadium. I think it would feel weird to have people graduate from a university that is named after me.

Question: Have free Apple products forever or Have free wifi wherever you go
I will go with free Apple products because it means I will always have the latest products! From an iphone to an imac to apple tv. Haha and infinite apple storage. My main issue with Apple products is price, so this eliminates it. My husband won’t be able to say “You can get something better on a pc for the same price.”

Question: Fulfill your biggest wish OR Resolve your biggest regret
I will go with resolve my biggest regret which is to make sure my dad has seen the doctor earlier when he first started having stomach problems. Gosh, I admire people with no regrets!

Question: Have your own private island OR Have your own private jet
Private island! Because I don’t think either me or my husband is ever going to take flying license. A pilot just sounds too expensive to hire.

Question: Be able to read minds OR Be able to travel at light speed
I would rather travel at light speed. I would be able to travel every where! It would be too frustrating for me to read minds because there are many things I rather not know.

Question: Have $1 million in Amazon gift cards OR Have $100,000 in real money
I will go with $1 million in Amazon gift cards because I can resell everything I buy off Amazon, and Amazon sells practically everything anyway.

Question: Be best friends forever with your favorite celebrity OR Date your celebrity crush for only 2 years
Give me a best friend forever any time! Is Zoella considered a celebrity?

Question: Have free gas for 25 years OR Have your dream car
I will go with a 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO in pearl white please. That’s $177,685 which is over $7,000 every year for 25 years. I’m guessing the person who created this questionnaire has a more realistic dream car than me. If you are wondering, I have a few more dream cars that are around that price range too.. even though I hate driving. I’m a walking contradiction.

Question: Be a ninja OR Be a pirate
Ninja for sure! I want to be fit and agile, so I can defend myself.

Question: Continue on with your life OR Restart your life
I would prefer to continue on with my life. Don’t think I want to study again and what if I never get to meet my husband if I restart my life!

Question: Live the life of fame and wealth OR Live in Harry Potter’s world
Can I just say that I’m guessing the person who created this questionnaire is a boy aged between 14 to 18 years old? I feel like I’m way too practical and superficial than the person who created this. I would go with the life of fame and wealth because I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter or sci-fi or fantasy. I sound so old and boring.

Question: Have the ability to read minds OR Have the ability to see the future
This is so tough! I can’t decide… I guess ability to see the future because I don’t want to read minds. I think I will be too affected by everyone if I can read their minds.


Regroup & refocus

Inspired by the article Successful Women Do These 7 Things Every September—Do You?

1. Build a vision board for the coming year.

Garden images are taken off Facebook. Please let me know if you want me to credit your image. Sorry for not noting it down.2. Set new goals for the end of the year

  • Be more active and consume lesser sugar.
  • Cook new dishes every month. (At least 1 or 2)
  • Blog consistently. (At least 3 posts every week)

3. Write down your new goals, and create a road map

  • Be more active > Cycle + Yoga + Just Dance on the Wii U at least once a week for each activity
  • Blog consistently > Topics I need to work on my blog: House/Decor, Cooking, Gardening

4. Book your holiday travel

We are not successful enough do not have the budget to really plan a vacation a year/few months in advance. However, my mum and brother are visiting in November so we may make an impromptu trip somewhere.

5. See all your doctors

It’s time for me to see a dentist for a routine checkup! It’s been long overdue.

6. Evaluate your finances

We need to save a lot more although earning more would be a better option. I can’t really control when I will find a job, or when Larry will get a pay raise that he deserves. What we can control is the number of times we eat out. It’s one of our bigger expenses that we can work on.

7. Reconnect with your professional network

Wow, this is tough. I need to build new contacts here in the US since my professional network is mainly in Singapore. I am still quite undecided about my career. Should I keep broadening my options and not stop applying for jobs? Or should I just live a simpler life and be contended with what I have? That’s my daily struggle. I can’t decide what I truly want to do and work toward it.

*Image credits*   Top left garden image is from Janie Hammock.
Top right garden image is from http://priscillas2000.blogspot.com/

S16E05 Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 5: Descending into Good and Evil

I don’t really have much to say for this episode. Not sure if it’s because I was cooking while I was watching it, or the outfits were just meh. Every outfit was just kind of predictable. Brandon’s garment was the only one that is slightly out of the box, and I guess that’s why he won?

Here’s what I thought:

Project Runway S16E05

I can’t wait for the next episode! It feels like there’s some drama that has been brewing for a while, and it’s going to spill.

Coffee & me

How do you drink your coffee?

I like my coffee with lots of milk. Skimmed milk because I can’t taste the difference between skimmed and full milk, and it’s healthier. Thus, my drink of choice is iced lattes with a single shot of espresso. I get a little wonky (caffeine high) if I get a double shot latte.

It actually took me a while to like coffee. I always thought coffee tasted nasty because all I have tasted was the black coffee my parents drink every morning. I’m not sure when was the turning point. Maybe after I tried my first latte or mocha frappuccino? I may have wanted something strong to keep me alert while at work, and it just slowly grew on me.

Here are some neat things I have learned about coffee:

  1. Warm espresso drinks should not burn your tongue even if you drink it immediately.
  2. A good cup of espresso drink should taste good enough with or without sugar. A frothy milk will also add sweetness if you choose to have it in your coffee.
  3. Most iced espresso drinks are made with double shots of espresso. Sometimes Larry and I will buy a cup of latte, and we would get a cup of milk so we can mix and split between the two of us.
  4. If you drink espresso drinks very often, you should consider getting an espresso machine because it can cost lesser for you long term.
  5. An espresso machine needs to be cleaned after every use unless you get a Keurig or Nespresso machine. You need to do some research to decide what kind of espresso machine would suit your needs.
  6. I lucked out and found a Breville 800ESXL Espresso Machine for $25 on Facebook Marketplace. I was planning to buy it from another lady for $100, but did another search to find the identical model for cheaper. (She may not have gotten many hits because she did not include the brand and model in her description.) Look out for good deals online because there are people who do not use their espresso machine often.


Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 4: We’re Sleeping Wear?

———– ! Lots of spoilers ! ———–

I am going to write about Project Runway because it’s been a blast watching it the past few weeks!

This episode was on sleepwear for Heidi Klum Intimates. It is probably one of the more tricky categories to design for! Isn’t it difficult for a guy to know how woman’s sleepwear feel like and the different sleepwear that’s available in the market? I guess that’s not too important when designing a garment, but I’m sure it helps.

There are two aspects that they have to work on – the garment as well as the textile that it is constructed from.

The twins are great designers. I like their aesthetics so far. Not sure how well they would function as individuals instead of a tag team though. Here’s Shawn’s design below. Love the design, but how many of us actually wear jumpsuits to bed? I’m too practical to ever wear it to bed.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Shawn Buitendorp

Her sister Claire made an equally chic outfit. That bright pink along with the ease of the outfit and translucent back makes me want one to sleep in one TONIGHT.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Claire Buitendop

I must have an unhealthy obsession with pink. I actually liked Kenya’s outfit even though the judges were not happy with it. She was struggling throughout the episode with the design and textile. Perhaps the nerves and unfamiliarity to silk/sleepwear got to her, and it showed in the details of her garment. Hope she does better next week because I’m rooting for her.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Kenya Freeman

Michael’s design was the obvious winner this week. Every part of his design – color, style, textile – worked perfectly. You could tell immediately that the dress accentuated the model’s figure which is every woman’s, and man’s, dream, isn’t it? His placement of textile on his garment is just genius. Even the way the print at the back worked with the straps to dramatize the back view of the model.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Michael Brambila

One line summary for the rest of the designs:

  • Aaron Myers
    It’s a pity he focussed too much on the textile, and I don’t like the finishes (top of the dress and the elastic band) he did to his sleepwear.
  • Amy Bond
    I don’t like the color, silhouette and textile of her sleepwear.
  • Ayana Lfe
    The colors (individually and as a whole) just don’t work for me even though I really like the design.
  • Batani-Khalfani
    Her design kind of looks like an amped up version of a classic sleepwear silhouette though I’m not sure about the splatters of paint on it.
  • Brandon Kee
    My brain was screaming KANYE WEST repeatedly when I saw his outfit.
  • Deyonté Weather
    Looks way too frumpy and poorly made to be in Project Runway.
  • Kentaro Kameyama
    It’s not difficult to see that he’s obsessed with the details of his outfit – the edging of the top and the way the pleads are nicely folded and symmetrical like a good haircut. I don’t like his textile though!
  • Samantha Rei
    Her design looks so polished and commercialized that it worked a little against her. LOVE the grey and color combo.


*Images are from www.mylifetime.com


I’m a tea addict


Saw this Boba Bae sweatshirt  that I really want on Instagram! Not that I can afford $40 USD + $7 shipping but a girl can dream.

Let’s talk about boba tea. Have you tried it before? It’s a Taiwanese tea-based drink that was invented in 1980s. I used to call it bubble tea but it felt like most American places call it boba? I just realize the New York Times refers it to bubble tea in their recent article that sparked some virtual outrage. Hmm now I am a little confused.

Anyway, I was surprised to see how the editor seemed unaware of the drink that has been around for a long time, especially if she lives in the East Coast. Granted, she was posting on the Entrepreneurship section instead of Food.

Now, if she lives here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it would have been the other way around. I would think less than half of people living in this town has tried it. There are only around five places here that sell boba tea that I was actually looking into setting up a boba tea franchise.

Honestly though, it is both a blessing and a curse that I have not found a boba tea place I like here. As much as I am incredibly jealous of the wide variety of boba tea that the bigger cities get, I’m a tea addict that would spend way too much on them. I used to drink like one every day. Look at my excitement when I found my favorite boba tea place in Plano, Texas.

If you are new to boba tea, here are some of my recommendations.

  1. Try the classic flavor first.
    It is good to know how the OG tastes like, and it’s the safer choice as a first impression. That means it’s Milk Tea or a boba tea infused with black/red tea or Jasmine green tea.
  2. Go to a reputable outlet if you can.
    As with all caffeinated drinks, the quality varies. You would have better luck trying it at a well reviewed place. So far, I’ve only been to two that I like in Plano, Texas. I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m not aware of. My favorites are Gong Cha and 85°C Bakery Cafe.
  3. There will be toppings you can add in your drink.
    The boba in boba tea refers to chewy tapioca balls that are often added. You can ask for lesser boba if you are unsure, or try some jelly instead. There is also nothing wrong if you don’t add anything to your drink. I usually drink it without any because that’s added sugar that I don’t need.
  4. You are usually able to choose the sweetness level of your drink.
    That’s actually one of my favorite part of boba tea because I can choose to have it at 25, 30% sweetness. With that said, try it at at least 50% for the first time unless you always have your coffee/tea without sugar.

That’s it!