S16E08 Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 8: Client on the Go

Is it just me, or it’s annoying that there’s two consecutive episodes of cliffhangers!! The previous episode could have just ended with the fact that Shawn has conceded for Claire to continue in Project Runway.

Anyway, for this episode, the designers had to create a print and outfit for a woman on the go. The designers did not create any print that I really like, but that isn’t surprising. Creating a great print on top of their garment is just incredibly difficult, especially with the time constraints that they have.

The designs below are my favorite. I like the intricate details of Kentaro’s design once again. I love the pleats at the back of the dress as well as the colors. However, as mentioned by the judges, the outfit overwhelms the petite lady.

I like the design of Brandon’s outfit. Not quite sure why his was only average to the judges. Perhaps his print looks a little simple and mainstream? Or his garment isn’t really for someone on the go. My favorite print is actually Amy’s and I like the way she showcases it. However, the rest of her black outfit just makes her client look like a waitress. Oh dear, the khaki bits that hang out looks a bit like an apron too.

Project Runway S16E08 Afterthoughts

As for the drama of the episode, I can’t wait to find out on the verdict. Apparently, Claire took a measuring tape to the restroom to measure her pants and use it for her design. I applaud Michael for walking off the stage to make his opinion known, but I honestly wish the designers came up with better designs because Claire’s winning look isn’t that great. It just looks like typical office wear. All these boring designs are forcing Lifetime to play up all these drama.


A new month

Hi everyone, I have been overwhelmed the past few days. There just seems to be so many things to do as we get later in the year. I have finally put up my fall/halloween home decor that I can’t wait to share it with you. I just need to tidy up the house a little before I take photos. Honestly though, how do people keep their house spotless!

Here are a few things I have discovered the past 1, 2 weeks:

Apples in sandwiches actually taste pretty good.

Vlogs and live streaming are going to be the next big thing

I’m so hooked on watching online videos these days. I have always enjoyed reality TV, so it’s not a surprise I love these vlogs too. Here are some of my favorite ones so far:

  • Zoella vlogs always make me happy. Her love for fall/Christmas is infectious.
  • Alfie Deyes daily vlogs are always upbeat too. I usually put his videos on the background while I cook.
  • Aimee Song’s New York and Fashion Fashion Week vlogs are so fun to watch since I have always wondered how it’s like to attend Fashion Week.
  • Sodapoppin and Reckful are in Japan now, and they are doing a IRL (in real life) stream on Twitch for the next week or so. (They are popular gaming streamers.) I honestly think streaming live is going to be more popular in the future. It’s kind of like Facebook/Instagram Live but on the Twitch platform. Twitch is currently more of a gaming platform where people stream while they are playing games, but they have added this IRL section. Watching them live in Japan is making me want to be a scrooge for a whole year just so I can visit Japan again.
  • Chef Norman Musan has been having cooking demonstrations on Facebook Live. It is always motivating to watch people cook Asian dishes overseas because it reminds me that I can do it too.

Dehydrated bananas and apples don’t taste that great

If anyone has any tips, please let me know! I think I’m supposed to cut them thicker, but I don’t think it would change the leathery/gummy texture. The banana chips from Sprouts must be fried banana chips because they are so crunchy and addictive.

Two cookbooks I really want to buy
(but I’m broke)

Last but not the least, the Las Vegas shooting was incredibly saddening. I don’t think I know enough to have a proper opinion on the matter yet. I barely know anything about guns because I’ve lived most my life in a country that doesn’t allow guns. The gun ownership laws and US politics are so complicated I don’t know how long it would take me to comprehend everything, but I will have to try much harder since I live in the US now.

Have as good a week as you can have, everyone.

S16E06 Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 6: Models Off Duty

I’m so excited about this episode that I’m going to blog as I’m watching it. I like this episode because you get to hear the opinions of the outfits from three angles – the judges, the designers and the clients aka the models.

Oops I wasn’t able to grab the photos off mylifetime.com yesterday night, so here’s the post!

Project Runway S16E06 Afterthoughts 1
Let’s start with the dark outfits. It is unfortunate that Samantha got too comfortable with her background in making lolita outfits. I agree with the judges that she did not elevate it as much as the outfit she herself was wearing. I don’t know why Amy’s look was safe though. I thought it looked as cliché as Samantha’s and Claire’s.

Shawn’s design looked the best among these with the lace and ribbon details. Love the slick navy of the fabric she chose. I thought the femininity of the outfit would resonate well with Georgina Chapman.

Project Runway S16E06 Afterthoughts 2

Batani’s outfit looks so fun I would wear the whole ensemble, including the head piece. It has such a good mix of her African culture and street wear. Kentaro’s kimono hakama inspired bottom provided a different point of view for me. It also almost looks like a kilt too. Even his top had interesting details like the back pleats reminded me of a ribbon.

Margarita’s design screams 90s and Christina Aguilera. I think Margarita tried her best to meet her client’s expectations that she didn’t step back to put in more of her own perspective because she swiftly agreed with the judges when they lashed out their harsh criticisms. Her bomber jacket looks good though. The styling of her client’s hair and shoes probably also made her outfit looks worse.

Am I the only one that didn’t like Brandon’s look this week? He doesn’t seem to stray far from his unisex designs with the same color scheme. I prefer the back of his outfit over the front.

Michael’s outfit is a Herve Ledger’s bandage dress lookalike but on the verge of being trashy because of the slashes. I don’t get the color and material of the coat that Ayana made. I don’t think it goes well with the dress. The whole outfit almost looks like sleepwear because of the “robe” and the stars on the dress. I like the white strings on the back of her dress though.

Kenya’s design looks too commercialized to me like we can pick it out from a departmental store. I was surprised that the judges were ok with it because it had a quirky, oddball feel. All in all, I don’t feel like I have a favorite again. Hope the next episode is better.

Image & Screenshot credit: Lifetime.com

S16E05 Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 5: Descending into Good and Evil

I don’t really have much to say for this episode. Not sure if it’s because I was cooking while I was watching it, or the outfits were just meh. Every outfit was just kind of predictable. Brandon’s garment was the only one that is slightly out of the box, and I guess that’s why he won?

Here’s what I thought:

Project Runway S16E05

I can’t wait for the next episode! It feels like there’s some drama that has been brewing for a while, and it’s going to spill.

Project Runway Afterthoughts

Season 16 Episode 4: We’re Sleeping Wear?

———– ! Lots of spoilers ! ———–

I am going to write about Project Runway because it’s been a blast watching it the past few weeks!

This episode was on sleepwear for Heidi Klum Intimates. It is probably one of the more tricky categories to design for! Isn’t it difficult for a guy to know how woman’s sleepwear feel like and the different sleepwear that’s available in the market? I guess that’s not too important when designing a garment, but I’m sure it helps.

There are two aspects that they have to work on – the garment as well as the textile that it is constructed from.

The twins are great designers. I like their aesthetics so far. Not sure how well they would function as individuals instead of a tag team though. Here’s Shawn’s design below. Love the design, but how many of us actually wear jumpsuits to bed? I’m too practical to ever wear it to bed.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Shawn Buitendorp

Her sister Claire made an equally chic outfit. That bright pink along with the ease of the outfit and translucent back makes me want one to sleep in one TONIGHT.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Claire Buitendop

I must have an unhealthy obsession with pink. I actually liked Kenya’s outfit even though the judges were not happy with it. She was struggling throughout the episode with the design and textile. Perhaps the nerves and unfamiliarity to silk/sleepwear got to her, and it showed in the details of her garment. Hope she does better next week because I’m rooting for her.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Kenya Freeman

Michael’s design was the obvious winner this week. Every part of his design – color, style, textile – worked perfectly. You could tell immediately that the dress accentuated the model’s figure which is every woman’s, and man’s, dream, isn’t it? His placement of textile on his garment is just genius. Even the way the print at the back worked with the straps to dramatize the back view of the model.

Project Runway Season 16 Episode 4 Michael Brambila

One line summary for the rest of the designs:

  • Aaron Myers
    It’s a pity he focussed too much on the textile, and I don’t like the finishes (top of the dress and the elastic band) he did to his sleepwear.
  • Amy Bond
    I don’t like the color, silhouette and textile of her sleepwear.
  • Ayana Lfe
    The colors (individually and as a whole) just don’t work for me even though I really like the design.
  • Batani-Khalfani
    Her design kind of looks like an amped up version of a classic sleepwear silhouette though I’m not sure about the splatters of paint on it.
  • Brandon Kee
    My brain was screaming KANYE WEST repeatedly when I saw his outfit.
  • Deyonté Weather
    Looks way too frumpy and poorly made to be in Project Runway.
  • Kentaro Kameyama
    It’s not difficult to see that he’s obsessed with the details of his outfit – the edging of the top and the way the pleads are nicely folded and symmetrical like a good haircut. I don’t like his textile though!
  • Samantha Rei
    Her design looks so polished and commercialized that it worked a little against her. LOVE the grey and color combo.


*Images are from www.mylifetime.com