2017 Christmas Haul from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground

2017 Christmas Mantle

Here is my messy Christmas mantle this year. It’s a mishmash of new and old stuff. I think my favorite buy from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground this year are the $3 ceramic tealight candle holder houses. I wish they had more designs, but it’s also fun to collect them over the years if they continue to put out new ones. There were $1 and $3 bottlebrush trees that come in silver, gold, white and ombre pink. Many people on the Target Facebook groups love the $5 sleigh. It looks really good when you add gnomes or even the $2 fake snowballs that Target is also selling.

Target Bullseye's Playground Christmas Haul 2017

Am I the only one that can’t resist all the Christmas stationery, especially when they are all $1 to $3? The stamps, ink pads and sticker labels are a dollar each. The Christmas cards (16pcs) and gift wrapping tissue paper were $3. The snow globe jars are also $3, so I grabbed all three designs.

Last but not the least, there are many garlands and signs for $3. The designs for the garlands are a little on the kiddish side, but I had to get at least one garland. I ended up purchasing the reindeer garland to go with some decor I got from Dollar Tree and the multi-color lights garland. The Merry Christmas sign above my mantle and the Fresh Cut Christmas Trees sign (pictured below) are both $3 which is quite a steal if you ask me.

Let me know if you need the DCPI for any of the items. I’ll try to find them for you to track them down on brickseek.com.

Christmas 2017 Dinning Room

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The secret to get the best deals in Target

Hi everyone, sorry for taking such a long break. I’m trying to recover from my flu and sore throat after our trip to visit Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Los Angeles early November. I can’t wait to tell you more. For now, I’m going to share how I shop for my home decor at Target.

Target has a section of good deals in the stores. It’s called Bullseye’s Playground and the items cost either $1, $3 or $5. So far, I have realized that they stock up their seasonal items about one to two months ahead of time. Halloween items were available around end August, and Christmas items have been out since 1st November.

The more I dig into the items that they release each season, the more I realize I need to up my game. Here’s my secret:

Through Instagram

Through Facebook

  • Join the Facebook groups that posts good deals on Target. I have been pretty obsessed with Bullseye’s Playground Fanatics. Nothing beats chatting with a group of people who like the same things you do. Lots of people are really helpful and friendly too.

Track the items you like thru Brickseek

  • Brickseek.com is a great site to track down the items that you want. It works for a few stores beyond Target too. What I usually do is find the DPCI of the items I want from Target and use Brickseek to find out which Target outlet still has the item. So far, it has been very accurate for me. Most people on Instagram or Facebook would tell you the DPCI number if you ask them. The numbers are usually located on the price tag of the item itself.


Let me know if you have any questions, or if you love Target as much as I do. 😉

Living Room Dilemma

Living Room Light Fan Situation

Welcome to our living room. One of the reasons we bought this house was the vaulted ceiling and hardwood floor in the living room. As first time home buyers, we didn’t notice the lighting in the living room. It was only after living in our house for a few months did I realize that one ceiling fan light and two recessed lights is not enough to light up the whole room. I also notice that not everyone likes to light up their rooms as much as me.

After trying to recall all the houses we saw while house shopping, I’m almost certain we have not seen any recessed lighting in all the houses we have seen. It is just a rarity at our price range. We bought the brightest LED light bulbs we could find to replace the ones that are in the house.

We had to buy a ladder to change the two recessed lights, and when it came to the ceiling fan light, things didn’t go well. My husband tried to unscrew the globe off the ceiling fan but it just wouldn’t budge. Just imagine a guy on a ladder wrangling on the ceiling fan and suddenly the whole globe fell off because the wire tore off..

Yep, so now we are down to two recessed lights in our living room. I don’t know what to do now. It will cost a few hundred dollars to install more recessed lights and we can’t really afford that at the moment. Getting a new ceiling fan would cost at least $200, and it wouldn’t light up the ceiling room anyway. Light kits for ceiling fans are almost as expensive as getting a new ceiling fan unless I get the boring old designs. Below are some of the ceiling fans and light kits that I have shortlisted.

Ceiling Fans

  1. Hunter Mill Valley 52 in. LED Outdoor Barn Red Ceiling Fan $209
  2. Kichler Lyndon Patio Ceiling Fan, $539.99
  3. Kichler Logan Fan $329
  4. Kichler Olde Bronze Flyy 60″ Ceiling Fan, $579.99
  5. Monte Carlo 3-Light Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan Light Kit, $92.65
  6. TroposAir 113 Tapered Schoolhouse Oil Rubbed Bronze Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan Light, $24.83
  7. Casablanca 4-Light Brushed Coca Bronze Ceiling Fan Fixture with Cased White Glass, $150.27

I don’t know if my husband would be able to figure out the light kits. The safest choice is probably to save up for recessed lights next year.

The Most Budget Halloween Decor Part 3

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The Halloween decor in our guest bathroom cost less than $6, and I’m actually very happy with it considering the amount spent. It consists of these three items:

  1. Ghost hand soap dispenser from Walmart for $2
  2. Small skull plate from Michaels for $2.99
  3. Spider craft piece from Target’s Bulleye’s Playground section (6 pieces for $1)

Oh, and the tiny glass jar is actually a Yoplait’s Oui yogurt.

There is also a smart bluetooth LED speaker bulb in our vanity light. We actually bought it last Christmas to test it out, and it’s fun when we can play seasonal music wherever we placed it. Our guests are always amused when we tell them how it works. We love putting it in our dining room light too.


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The Most Budget Halloween Decor Part 2

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The entryway has a mix of Halloween and Fall items. The mini pumpkins are from Target (8 pieces for $5). I love the last two $3 black skulls I got from Target until I realize they had gold ones that I missed! I kind of wish I got the last two white skulls too. That is why it’s important to get your decor at the end of August if you want good deals.

The small pumpkin and Frankenstein plates are $2.99 each from Michaels. I almost didn’t buy them because they were not priced under the 50% off Halloween items. Thank goodness I did. I think they spice up the shoe cabinets. I also hung a string of dehydrated citrus for fall. The candles are from Ikea and Yankee Candles that I bought a while back. The twig with a pine cone is actually from our Christmas tree last year!

The string of spiders was from the Bulleye’s Playground section of Target for $3. It actually has 10 cute spiders on it but I disassembled 6 spiders out of it so that I can use it at different places. I would have made my own spiders if I wasn’t lazy. These Target ones are a little too cute for my liking.

Halloween Living Room

For our living room, I placed a Happy Halloween bunting above our television. For only $1.27 from Walmart, it is bigger (6 inches tall) and better quality than I thought it would be!

Fall Pumpkin Jar

This pumpkin glass candy jar ($8 from Target) is the most expensive fall/Halloween thing I got. I just couldn’t resist getting it for our coffee table since I won’t be able to afford a Staub cast iron pumpkin cocoette any time soon. We didn’t buy a lot of Halloween sweets because we only had one trick-or-treater last year.

Halloween Living Room 5

Our fireplace mantle is a mishmash of fall and Halloween. I didn’t realize how close October was when I was designing and printing the fall images at the end of September. I’m still deciding if I should replace them with the free Halloween printable from Landeelu. I used more of the small pumpkins from Target. The top right spiders are crafting pieces from Target and the small 3D spider on the bottom left is from the spider garland from Target that I disassembled.

Halloween Dining Area

Lastly, I placed more crafting pieces (6 pieces for $1 from Target) in the dining area. It’s very basic because our dining room is small, and I haven’t gotten anything for the dining table. I have been trying to find Halloween table cloths and hand towels, but they are either too expensive or poorly made if they are cheap. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

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The Most Budget Halloween Decor

Halloween Outside 2

Here’s my first Halloween decor. We are on a budget, so I tried to do the most I can with the least amount of effort and cost. These caution tapes from Target and spiders from Dollar Tree cost a dollar each. For the windows, I made ghost figures out of white trash bags and hangers.

Halloween OutsideHalloween Door

Our front door has two $1 pieces from Dollar Tree that I put together. The door hook was on sale for $4 at Michaels. I paid a little more because it has sponge at the back. I hope to get at least a pumpkin and a pot of fall mums for the front door. Maybe I should have bought two baskets instead of one from Michaels to put the pumpkin and fall mums.

Things I have learned:

  1. Seasonal decor is expensive.
    It takes years to accumulate a good amount of decor unless you have plenty of spare cash. 😉
  2. Decide on a theme for your decor.
    Mine is haphazard and a little kiddish because I didn’t plan well and I want to spend as little as possible.
  3. Follow blogs that take photos of new items from Target.
    Their Bulleye’s Playground section has many great items for $1, $3 and $5. It seems like they stock up their fall and halloween items around 31 August. There are quite a few things I am sad I missed out.
  4. Get some cheap photo frames and make your own seasonal designs.
    There are also free printables from various blogs. I got three certificate frames from Target for 88 cents each!
  5. The weather needs to be a little chilly, so that your pumpkins and fall mums won’t spoil/die fast. 

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